snow inspired antique and vintage decor

As the northeast is blanketed with snow I find myself on the hunt for white vintage pieces to sprinkle 
the house. I hate to love snow! Here are some of our favorite picks from etsy. 

(from left to right) 1.white horse figurine- would look amazing on a book shelf 2. antique white china bowls- the gold trim is a great addition to your china collection 3. porcelain cat figurine- a true kitschy piece to display in your home, doesn't make you a cat lady... 4. vintage tape measure- in great shape and would be an awesome addition to a vintage inspired office 5. vintage white mele jewelry box- this could make organizing jewelry a lot easier 6. collection of milk glass vases- you can never have too many vases or too much milk glass

pencil holders: back to school

Organization is not my strong point, but I try. Every August, no matter how old I am, I get lost in the aisles of back to school supplies at local drug stores. These antique and vintage pieces transform themselves beautifully into the perfect pencil and pen holders. Giving me yet another reason to go on the hunt.

weekend antiquing

I spent the weekend, as it seems I have been doing a lot lately, rummaging through antique shops for treasures. I'm always drawn to glassware, bottles, and crates, I can't seem to get enough.  There's always something you gravitate towards when shopping.

What's your antiquing obsession?

a little blue

I love blue. Always have and always will.
I'm calling this deep shade of blue moonlight blue.

around the apartment

The weekends always fly by and I never get everything done around the apartment that I had
planned to.  I have been pushing myself to move stuff around and play with composing objects in new and unexpected ways.

So many things I love in one photo. You can see the antique map of providence that my Dad recently gave me creeping in the shot. A chunk of raw amethyst, recently scored at a local flea market. Candles made by my Mom. And finally my new jewelry dishes, soon to be for sale in the etsy shop.

Who doesn't love decanters and St. Germain?

I always seem to end up sitting on the couch with my laptop rather than at my work space.
Good thing I have a great view of all the inspiration from the couch.

camel trend

I self admittedly have an obsession with antique figurines and my book case is starting to over flow with smalls. I am totally on the hunt for some great brass animals and I am loving this camel trend I'm seeing around lately.  And its absolutely inspired by vintage pieces. 

What animal themed trends have you been seeing lately?

favorite blog posts #1

I spent the majority of my mornings combing through what seems to be an endless array of blogs for inspiration. At the end of the week I find there are a few posts that have stuck with me, inspiring a new
vignette in my apartment, a fresh coat of paint, or a vintage piece I need to find.

What blog posts inspired you this week?

Stylist Tina Helberg

I'm totally having one of those days where its hard to get going and I am procrastinating by looking for inspiration. I am so jealous of stylist Tina Helberg's vignettes and vision.

check out her portfolio site

antiquing advice #1

Starting to take my own advice. From now on if I see antique or vintage piece that makes my heart skip a beat I am not going to hesitate to buy it. No more over-thinking (unless it is a high price point). Too often I pass things up and say I'll come back for it and its gone. Chances are if its a great piece someone else is doing the very same thing.
Here's to the ones that got away.

What pieces have you hesitated on, wishing that you had pulled the trigger?

vintage olympic team photos

I swore on Saturday that I wouldn't get sucked into the Olympics... and then four hours later I was still laying in bed watching men's basketball.

Because I can't seem to lay in bed without my laptop close by and since I have a slight obsession with vintage team photos, I began digging around for some old Olympic images.

Check out these 1924 boxing babes.

I love the mis-matched uniforms.

She is all business.

It's totally okay to have a mustache if you are on the fencing team.

    Are you all getting sucked into watching the games like me?

you don't know (union) jack

With the olympics in full swing, it's time to pay homage to the union jack.
It's iconic, it's on trend, and it's relevant. Not much more you could ask for.

Check out our Union Jack inspired treasury on Etsy.
How are you all bringing a little bit of london into your homes?


I am extremely lucky to work with a group of amazingly talented creative folks everyday. And I am so greatful to have a job that allows me to seek out inspiration on a daily basis. Every now and then I come across an artist whose work transcends my monitor and makes me want to leave my desk, go home and redecorate my entire apartment.

The work of prop stylist SAŠA ANTIĆ did this to me this afternoon while pulling swipe. I want to live on these sets.

Where are you all finding inspiration these days?

cake stands & jewelry dishes

I can't give away all my secrets, but these upcycled vintage dishes are insanely fun to make.
I have been keeping a running list of sayings to put on them. The "Oh Hello" stand is currently on display in my entry way.

ball mason jars

I am ready to admit that I have an addiction... every time I see a blue mason jar I stop and pick it up no matter what. I am drawn instantly in by its nostalgic energy and the seemingly endless list of excuses I have to buy more.

I am across a small collection of them at a local thrift shop and I didn't buy just one, I bought them all.

When is enough, really enough?
Images: 1.2.3. 

How are you all decorating with mason jars?

headboard love

After a trip to Brimfield fair I was overcome with what I am not calling PBD
(Post Brimfield Disorder) where I was panic stricken about how every room in
my apartment looked.

First on my newly updated wish-list is a headboard. I spent the majority of last
night looking for inspiration. I am leaning towards a DIY tin ceiling variation.

Check out these amazing headboards. Help a girl out, which is your fav?
All images & their sources can be found on my pinterest board bedroom

jean jacket with vintage pins

A month or so ago while browsing through a J.Crew catalog I fell in love with their pieces collaborating with designer Pamela Love.  A jean jacket in the collection instantly caught my eye, adorned with some vintage inspired brooches and pins.

I knew instantly that I was going to dust off my jean jacket and add some of my recently 
purchased vintage pins to it. I am loving it! How do you dress up your jean jackets?

pamela love images via j.crew

brimfield antiques show survival guide

Brimefield Antique Show is just around the corner, running July 10th through the 15th and these
past couple of the weeks on the east coast, we have been experiencing quite the heat wave.
Historically the temperatures at Brimfield in July are not for the faint of heart, but they can be
made totally bearable to those of us who cannot imagine missing a show.

Tips & Tricks

1. Arrive Early: Most of the shows open at sunrise and the temperatures will no doubt be
cooler in the morning hours. Also far easier to find prime parking early on.

2. Bring Water: Pack a water bottle or two, but be prepared to shell out some cash in
order to stay hydrated when your supply runs out or gets warm.

3. Hand Sanitzer: A Brimfield and general antiquing must.

4. Restrooms: My Grandfather always says that when the Smithsonian gave their tips years
ago on visiting the fair in July on the top of their list was "never to look down in a porto-john
in July at Brimfield". Enough said.

5. Sunscreen: You may be popping in and out of tents but be sure to lather on the sunscreen
and put on a cute summer hat.

Will you be braving Brimfield this week?

Check out our Etsy Treasury for my Brimfield Survival Guide Picks.

made in america

These american made pieces may be considered antiques, but they were built to last.
Further proving that somethings never go out of style.

jay gatsby

This shirt printed by skreened is amazing! The perfect modernized nod to F. Scott Fitzgerald's
The Great Gatsby. It has definitely made its way to the of my wish list.

Debi Treloar: Decorating Inspiration

My decorating goal this summer is to overcome my fear of bright colors. Living in 
a converted mill I have found myself gravitating to industrial pieces that have muted 
antiqued hues. To add some visual interest I am in desperate need of pops of colors.

The home of photographer Debi Treloar is just the inspiration I needed to come across. 
Her rustic sensibility is in perfect balance with her daring color choices and she makes 
it all seem so effortless. I'm jealous.

rules of civility

I am finally starting to tackle my summer reading list. As a visual person, I always
tend to connect to narratives that paint vivid images in my mind of the main character's
sense of style.

Amor Towles', Katey Kontent, in "The Rules of Civility", instantly made me long to be
roaming around New York City in the 1930's.  I would kill to be shopping at Bendel's
and drinking at dive Jazz Clubs with her.

My handbag today is filled with receipts and pens. Here's what I predict would be in
my bag if I were kicking it in the glamourous 1930's.

What's on your summer reading list?

vintage crates

Vintage wooden crates seem to be finding their way onto all of our inspiration boards these days.
They make great storage and can be easily transformed and stacked to create nightstands, end tables, planters, or even wedding centerpieces. I have lost count of how many I have around my apartment.

The trick is to find a great one (or few) that have lettering or advertising that speak to you.

Investing in some of these will make organizing more appealing, I promise. How would
you transform a vintage crate?

vintage hollywood arcade cards

I came across a set of amazing Vintage Arcade Cards at Brimfield Fair in May. I was 
initially drawn to the beautiful images of Hollywood starlets but my Dad filling me in on 
the history of the cards sealed the purchase.

One of the things I love most about antiquing is learning about the history of items I
come across.  Asking questions is one of the fastest ways to get to know shop owners, 
think of a trip to an antiques store or fair as a free history class without the boring lecture. 

It turns out these vintage cards were once dispensed by a machine in arcades at 10 
cents a pop.  Printed in the USA, these cards have become sought after collectibles. 
I find myself wondering if today's hollywood gals could stand up to these timeless ladies...

I am now regretting not getting more. 

Heat Wave Style

I am loving this heat wave. Call me crazy but hot and humid is my favorite kind of weather.
This weekend I'm craving margaritas, ice cream, and some antiquing. 

vintage porcelain plates: 10 o'clock crafting:

Inspiration struck me late this evening and I've been up hand lettering these for the Etsy shop.
They will be up soon! I'm loving the contrast between the letters and the victorian feeling plates.
What do ya think?

mantiques: father's day gift ideas

I am totally guilty of leaving gift giving to the last minute these days, regardless of the holiday or occasion. I swear I will get ahead of the game eventually. This Father's Day I am planning to give my Dad something old and a little bit rustic.

Recently I have heard the term "MANtiques" being thrown around in conversation, and these Etsy finds live up the phrase. Give Dad a piece of nostalgia this holiday.


                                              check out our treasury on etsy.

esty updates

We are always on the hunt for new great pieces for our Etsy Store.
And I love sharing our new findings, the stories behind them and our visions for their use.
Here are some of our lovely new additions.I love how low maintenance air plants are and these little planters make displaying them effortless.

Dream catchers were huge when I was a kid, and they are totally making a comeback. This vintage necklace is the perfect summer accessory.

treasure hunt#2

There's always a running list in my head of pieces I am on the hunt for.
This weekend I am looking for pops of color for my apartment.

What are you all on the hunt for?

1. 2. 3.

antiquing uniform

I'm already on the prowl for outfit inspiration for the weekend. Style and comfort are key when I'm running in and out of my favorite antique spots. The outfits I put together on the weekends are always my favorites. These looks make me want to sip coffee, listen to some Tammy Wynette, and go
on the hunt for some treasures.

Check out my pinterest board for more style inspiration.

the color purple

It happens all the time, I find myself wandering through antique and consignment stores looking for treasures and my eye gets stuck on one color. The past couple of weeks its been purple. I cannot seem to get enough of this hue! I picked up this perfect vintage trinket box over the weekend.

Check out our new tins in the shop.

found#1: vintage watering cans

I am always on the hunt for new objects to display my collection of air plants in.
When I stumbled across some mini watering cans this past weekend I knew I couldn't pass them up.

How amazing are these old watering cans made new again!

1. 2. 3.

treasure hunt#2: jewelry dishes

I have completely come to terms with the fact that I will never have the most neat or organized home. I tend to gravitate towards a slightly more, shall we say, lived in look. I was always leaving my jewelry scattered around my apartment, until I read an article in a magazine on how to better organize your home. The author recommended that you should leave dishes, baskets, or trays in places you may normally throw or place everyday items, brilliant! Now I am on the hunt for the perfect dishes for my ever growing trinket collection.

Check the dishes we have up for grabs in our Esty Shop

loretta lynn: style muse#1

"You're Looking At Country".
Loretta Lynn has been on my mind lately, not only is she inspiring my style (who can say no to some sparkle and big hair), but she's totally become a muse for an illustration series I've been working on. This little icon from the holler has attitude and charm to spare.