depression glass: now and then

As we are in the middle of the winter doldrums many of us are looking for a way to brighten our homes. I am obsessed with depression glass. It's beautiful, it's timeless, and I seem to be instantly drawn to it. Depression glass was originally distributed during the great depression at a very low cost and often free. Some food companies actually put a piece of glass in their boxes as incentive to purchase. Sure beats a plastic toy.

I am loving these pieces.

We will be adding a ton of depression glass to the store soon. Check it out.

whats your zodiac sign?

New year. New me. Same Zodiac sign (aries). Yes, I believe in all of this hocus pocus... or I like to think that I do. It might be that I love the aesthetic and history of astrology symbols, more so than believing in a daily paragraph about how I am going to come into a ton of money, or how I will get the job I've always wanted. At least I know the odds are more likely that I will fall in love with a beautiful set of vintage zodiac inspired glasses tomorrow, than a handsome stranger.

This collection of vintage and modern pieces as me looking to the stars for some much needed inspiration.

(from left to right)