pencil holders: back to school

Organization is not my strong point, but I try. Every August, no matter how old I am, I get lost in the aisles of back to school supplies at local drug stores. These antique and vintage pieces transform themselves beautifully into the perfect pencil and pen holders. Giving me yet another reason to go on the hunt.

weekend antiquing

I spent the weekend, as it seems I have been doing a lot lately, rummaging through antique shops for treasures. I'm always drawn to glassware, bottles, and crates, I can't seem to get enough.  There's always something you gravitate towards when shopping.

What's your antiquing obsession?

a little blue

I love blue. Always have and always will.
I'm calling this deep shade of blue moonlight blue.

around the apartment

The weekends always fly by and I never get everything done around the apartment that I had
planned to.  I have been pushing myself to move stuff around and play with composing objects in new and unexpected ways.

So many things I love in one photo. You can see the antique map of providence that my Dad recently gave me creeping in the shot. A chunk of raw amethyst, recently scored at a local flea market. Candles made by my Mom. And finally my new jewelry dishes, soon to be for sale in the etsy shop.

Who doesn't love decanters and St. Germain?

I always seem to end up sitting on the couch with my laptop rather than at my work space.
Good thing I have a great view of all the inspiration from the couch.

camel trend

I self admittedly have an obsession with antique figurines and my book case is starting to over flow with smalls. I am totally on the hunt for some great brass animals and I am loving this camel trend I'm seeing around lately.  And its absolutely inspired by vintage pieces. 

What animal themed trends have you been seeing lately?

favorite blog posts #1

I spent the majority of my mornings combing through what seems to be an endless array of blogs for inspiration. At the end of the week I find there are a few posts that have stuck with me, inspiring a new
vignette in my apartment, a fresh coat of paint, or a vintage piece I need to find.

What blog posts inspired you this week?

Stylist Tina Helberg

I'm totally having one of those days where its hard to get going and I am procrastinating by looking for inspiration. I am so jealous of stylist Tina Helberg's vignettes and vision.

check out her portfolio site

antiquing advice #1

Starting to take my own advice. From now on if I see antique or vintage piece that makes my heart skip a beat I am not going to hesitate to buy it. No more over-thinking (unless it is a high price point). Too often I pass things up and say I'll come back for it and its gone. Chances are if its a great piece someone else is doing the very same thing.
Here's to the ones that got away.

What pieces have you hesitated on, wishing that you had pulled the trigger?