depression glass: now and then

As we are in the middle of the winter doldrums many of us are looking for a way to brighten our homes. I am obsessed with depression glass. It's beautiful, it's timeless, and I seem to be instantly drawn to it. Depression glass was originally distributed during the great depression at a very low cost and often free. Some food companies actually put a piece of glass in their boxes as incentive to purchase. Sure beats a plastic toy.

I am loving these pieces.

We will be adding a ton of depression glass to the store soon. Check it out.

whats your zodiac sign?

New year. New me. Same Zodiac sign (aries). Yes, I believe in all of this hocus pocus... or I like to think that I do. It might be that I love the aesthetic and history of astrology symbols, more so than believing in a daily paragraph about how I am going to come into a ton of money, or how I will get the job I've always wanted. At least I know the odds are more likely that I will fall in love with a beautiful set of vintage zodiac inspired glasses tomorrow, than a handsome stranger.

This collection of vintage and modern pieces as me looking to the stars for some much needed inspiration.

(from left to right)

snow inspired antique and vintage decor

As the northeast is blanketed with snow I find myself on the hunt for white vintage pieces to sprinkle 
the house. I hate to love snow! Here are some of our favorite picks from etsy. 

(from left to right) 1.white horse figurine- would look amazing on a book shelf 2. antique white china bowls- the gold trim is a great addition to your china collection 3. porcelain cat figurine- a true kitschy piece to display in your home, doesn't make you a cat lady... 4. vintage tape measure- in great shape and would be an awesome addition to a vintage inspired office 5. vintage white mele jewelry box- this could make organizing jewelry a lot easier 6. collection of milk glass vases- you can never have too many vases or too much milk glass

pencil holders: back to school

Organization is not my strong point, but I try. Every August, no matter how old I am, I get lost in the aisles of back to school supplies at local drug stores. These antique and vintage pieces transform themselves beautifully into the perfect pencil and pen holders. Giving me yet another reason to go on the hunt.

weekend antiquing

I spent the weekend, as it seems I have been doing a lot lately, rummaging through antique shops for treasures. I'm always drawn to glassware, bottles, and crates, I can't seem to get enough.  There's always something you gravitate towards when shopping.

What's your antiquing obsession?

a little blue

I love blue. Always have and always will.
I'm calling this deep shade of blue moonlight blue.

around the apartment

The weekends always fly by and I never get everything done around the apartment that I had
planned to.  I have been pushing myself to move stuff around and play with composing objects in new and unexpected ways.

So many things I love in one photo. You can see the antique map of providence that my Dad recently gave me creeping in the shot. A chunk of raw amethyst, recently scored at a local flea market. Candles made by my Mom. And finally my new jewelry dishes, soon to be for sale in the etsy shop.

Who doesn't love decanters and St. Germain?

I always seem to end up sitting on the couch with my laptop rather than at my work space.
Good thing I have a great view of all the inspiration from the couch.