snow inspired antique and vintage decor

As the northeast is blanketed with snow I find myself on the hunt for white vintage pieces to sprinkle 
the house. I hate to love snow! Here are some of our favorite picks from etsy. 

(from left to right) 1.white horse figurine- would look amazing on a book shelf 2. antique white china bowls- the gold trim is a great addition to your china collection 3. porcelain cat figurine- a true kitschy piece to display in your home, doesn't make you a cat lady... 4. vintage tape measure- in great shape and would be an awesome addition to a vintage inspired office 5. vintage white mele jewelry box- this could make organizing jewelry a lot easier 6. collection of milk glass vases- you can never have too many vases or too much milk glass


  1. what lovely finds, I am so pleased to be included here! there is something about the calm of white pieces in the winter, I also add more to my decor as the snow flies.

    1. I totally agree.
      Thank you so much for stopping by Kathi.