brimfield antiques show survival guide

Brimefield Antique Show is just around the corner, running July 10th through the 15th and these
past couple of the weeks on the east coast, we have been experiencing quite the heat wave.
Historically the temperatures at Brimfield in July are not for the faint of heart, but they can be
made totally bearable to those of us who cannot imagine missing a show.

Tips & Tricks

1. Arrive Early: Most of the shows open at sunrise and the temperatures will no doubt be
cooler in the morning hours. Also far easier to find prime parking early on.

2. Bring Water: Pack a water bottle or two, but be prepared to shell out some cash in
order to stay hydrated when your supply runs out or gets warm.

3. Hand Sanitzer: A Brimfield and general antiquing must.

4. Restrooms: My Grandfather always says that when the Smithsonian gave their tips years
ago on visiting the fair in July on the top of their list was "never to look down in a porto-john
in July at Brimfield". Enough said.

5. Sunscreen: You may be popping in and out of tents but be sure to lather on the sunscreen
and put on a cute summer hat.

Will you be braving Brimfield this week?

Check out our Etsy Treasury for my Brimfield Survival Guide Picks.

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  1. Found your blog a few days ago, I really like it! Thanks for the Brimfield tips! I love the large market bag! It can hold all your small purchases along with water and a few snacks!