vintage olympic team photos

I swore on Saturday that I wouldn't get sucked into the Olympics... and then four hours later I was still laying in bed watching men's basketball.

Because I can't seem to lay in bed without my laptop close by and since I have a slight obsession with vintage team photos, I began digging around for some old Olympic images.

Check out these 1924 boxing babes.

I love the mis-matched uniforms.

She is all business.

It's totally okay to have a mustache if you are on the fencing team.

    Are you all getting sucked into watching the games like me?

you don't know (union) jack

With the olympics in full swing, it's time to pay homage to the union jack.
It's iconic, it's on trend, and it's relevant. Not much more you could ask for.

Check out our Union Jack inspired treasury on Etsy.
How are you all bringing a little bit of london into your homes?


I am extremely lucky to work with a group of amazingly talented creative folks everyday. And I am so greatful to have a job that allows me to seek out inspiration on a daily basis. Every now and then I come across an artist whose work transcends my monitor and makes me want to leave my desk, go home and redecorate my entire apartment.

The work of prop stylist SAŠA ANTIĆ did this to me this afternoon while pulling swipe. I want to live on these sets.

Where are you all finding inspiration these days?

cake stands & jewelry dishes

I can't give away all my secrets, but these upcycled vintage dishes are insanely fun to make.
I have been keeping a running list of sayings to put on them. The "Oh Hello" stand is currently on display in my entry way.

ball mason jars

I am ready to admit that I have an addiction... every time I see a blue mason jar I stop and pick it up no matter what. I am drawn instantly in by its nostalgic energy and the seemingly endless list of excuses I have to buy more.

I am across a small collection of them at a local thrift shop and I didn't buy just one, I bought them all.

When is enough, really enough?
Images: 1.2.3. 

How are you all decorating with mason jars?

headboard love

After a trip to Brimfield fair I was overcome with what I am not calling PBD
(Post Brimfield Disorder) where I was panic stricken about how every room in
my apartment looked.

First on my newly updated wish-list is a headboard. I spent the majority of last
night looking for inspiration. I am leaning towards a DIY tin ceiling variation.

Check out these amazing headboards. Help a girl out, which is your fav?
All images & their sources can be found on my pinterest board bedroom

jean jacket with vintage pins

A month or so ago while browsing through a J.Crew catalog I fell in love with their pieces collaborating with designer Pamela Love.  A jean jacket in the collection instantly caught my eye, adorned with some vintage inspired brooches and pins.

I knew instantly that I was going to dust off my jean jacket and add some of my recently 
purchased vintage pins to it. I am loving it! How do you dress up your jean jackets?

pamela love images via j.crew